2.3 Strengthen Domestic Commerce and the U.S. Industrial Base

Why is strengthening domestic commerce and our industrial base important?

U.S. businesses must capitalize on technology, best practices, and data analytics to be successful and stay successful. The Department of Commerce is expanding technical assistance and data and information services for businesses and communities. Their unprecedented access to resources create and support prosperity.

Strategic Objective 2.3 Progress Update

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) through the Office of Technology Evaluation (OTE), monitors economic and trade issues. This vigilance is essential to the U.S. industrial base. Currently, OTE is conducting U.S. Software Integration System assessments as a part of their primary research and analysis of critical technologies and capabilities of our defense-related sectors.
OTE supports private sector and government agencies with its authority to record trends, benchmark industry performance, and bring attention to the diminishing manufacturing capabilities. Reports such as these provide information and suggestions for government policymakers and industry leaders. 

U.S. industrial base assessments
BIS gathers information on U.S. industries at issue, trade statistics, and technical information on investigated products to recommend and implement improvements. These assessments analyze the health and competitiveness of key defense related sectors, technologies, and supply chains needed to support the U.S. 
Assessment provide insights about gaps in the manufacturing workforce and technology capabilities needed for national security. BIS met its target during FY 2019. 100% of the industrial base assessments between BIS and the survey sponsoring agency or entity were completed on-time and on-scope. For detailed information on the ongoing and completed assessments click here.  
“When America Makes, America Works”
America Makes is the first of 14 Manufacturing USA institutes, which were created over the past few years to revolutionize U.S. manufacturing through large-scale collaboration on advanced technologies and workforce development. America Makes focuses on additive manufacturing or 3D printing.   
Each institute is a public-private partnership that receives part of its start-up funding from the Federal government through an open competition and more than half of its funds from industry and the private sector in the form of memberships. They build innovation ecosystems and position our country for leadership among ever-increasing global competition. Find your closest institute here.

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