3.1 Enforce the Nation's Trade Laws and Security Laws

Why are trade laws and security laws important?

Many American businesses that operate abroad face difficulties due to unfair trade agreements and intellectual property (IP) violations. These difficulties result in substantial loss of U.S. jobs. The Department of Commerce continues to work with governments around the world to address trade violations and inadequate intellectual property protections. These efforts will ensure the viability of American businesses abroad with far-reaching impacts on the U.S. economy. 

Strategic Objective 3.1 Progress Update

A key driver for the achievement of this objective is increasing capacity to conduct complex trade research and analysis. In 2019, ITA’s Enforcement and Compliance team hired over 50 new contracted staff members with skills to conduct needed analysis and process management. These new staff members will join the initiative to enforce U.S. trade laws to defend American jobs. Through these and other efforts, the following results have been achieved. 
Through July 2019, the ITA initiated 58 new Anti-dumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations; administered 493 AD and CD orders; issued preliminary or final determinations in multiple reviews, investigations, and inquires; and successfully removed, reduced, or prevented 113 foreign trade barriers. As of March 2019, Commerce successfully resolved 9 trade compliance cases which brought offending foreign governments back into compliance with their trade agreement obligations via lasting changes to laws, rules, or practices.
ITA exceeded its 2019 target of trade barrier reduction
The Department of Commerce is focused on reducing, removing, and preventing foreign trade barriers. Our work will help U.S. businesses operate competitively on a global scale. In accordance with this objective, the Department's International Trade Administration (ITA) removed, reduced, or prevented 142 foreign trade barriers in 2019, exceeding its target of 136. To promote transparency in its actions and benefit from private sector insight, ITA routinely seeks business recommendations to determine trade practices to investigate.

Enforcement of protections and trade agreements exceeded target
The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) exceeded its target number of enforcement actions for 2019 by 50%. All of the BIS enforcement actions involve violations of rules governing the export of products that have both civilian and military uses. BIS also works the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and with the private sector to identify violations of intellectual property (IP) protections and other laws. With the enforcement of IP protections,  agreements, and laws, Americans are safer and American businesses are more competitive.

The videos below give examples of how the Department breaks through trade barriers and protects against violations of IP rights. They also provide information for what you can do if you notice unfair trade practices.

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