5.3 Consolidate Functions for Cost Savings

Why is consolidating functions important?

The Department of Commerce is organized into 12 major bureaus and offices. They have different programs but all require human resources, acquisition, information technology and facility services. The Department aims to provide these mission support functions more efficiently by implementing Enterprise Services, a shared services business model. Under the shared services construct, centralized management of many mission support functions will increase the  efficiency of  transactional operations and save millions of dollars for taxpayers. Enterprise Services will also increase the bureaus' capacity for accomplishing their core mission.

Strategic Objective 5.3 Progress Update

As the number functions provided by Enterprise Services has increased, this office is working to develop new performance indicators with the help of human resources and acquisitions leadership. These new performance indicators will assess the quality and efficiency of  service delivery by Enterprise Services to its customers across the Department headquarters and all bureaus.
By consolidating acquisition and hiring functions, millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses are avoided
The Department of Commerce is creating a "lean, accountable, more efficient government that works for the American people." To accomplish this objective, the Department is consolidating bureau acquisition and human resources functions.  The consolidation saved Americans nearly $50 million in 2018. The Department is continuing to implement cost-saving measures to exceed its $50 million target and become a benchmark for efficient mission support services.

100% satisfaction with Enterprise Services acquisitions
In addition to saving taxpayers' money, the Department of Commerce aims for high quality mission support functions. The satisfaction of the bureaus using Enterprise Services is closely monitored to ensure that customer service standards are met or exceeded.   In 2018, Enterprise Services' acquisition function received 100% satisfaction ratings from the bureaus they serve.  This exceeded the target of 90%.
President's Management Agenda - Goal 5 Sharing Quality Services

"The Federal Government will establish a strategic government-wide framework for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative services by 2020, leading to continual improvements in performance and operation cost savings of 20% annually at scale - or an estimated $2 billion over the next 10 years."

Picture of a presentation and pie chart of mission support services

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