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Enhance Job Creation
Job creation is fundamental to our mission. American workers thrive when they are free to develop our abundant natural resources, leverage broadband, use secure digital technology, and are not burdened by excessive regulations. We create these conditions and facilitate job creation through increased exports and foreign direct investment (FDI). Exports and FDI are proven generators of well-paying U.S. jobs. Our work also facilitates community efforts to attract investment and use the internet to create economic opportunity.
Why is this Strategic Goal important?
By clicking on each of the five Commerce Impact Stories below, you will learn more about our Strategic Objectives and what the U.S. Department of Commerce is doing to Enhance Job Creation.  
Key Performance Indicators
The following tiles show specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the Department of Commerce uses to measure progress to achieve our Strategic Objectives. By clicking on each KPI tile you can see the historical annual performance trend. 
KPI tile performance criteria:  Exceeded (over 100% of target); Met (90%-100% of target); Not Met (below 90% of target)
2.1 Increase Aquaculture Production
2.2 Reduce and Streamline Regulations
2.3 Strengthen Domestic Commerce and the U.S. Industrial Base
2.4 Increase U.S. Exports
2.5 Increase Inward Investment Into the United States

 The underlying performance data shown in all the KPI tiles above are made available for downloading and direct connecting via Automated Programming Interface (API).